Boston: A story of doing good

The Boston bombings brought out incredible acts of kindness. These are just a few.
  1. In the first few minutes after the bombing, good people came out of the woodwork to help.  Tyler Dodd, a vet with scars of his own, helped talk Victoria McGrath through her pain.  She, in turn, asked him to go help others who were in greater need.
  2. An overwhelming number of ordinary people came out to help in whatever way they could, including donating blood.
  3. Thanks to generosity of volunteer blood donors there is currently enough blood on the shelves to meet demand. #BostonMarathon
  4. In the days that followed, took the lead with their #focusontheheroes campaign, saying, “We will not be sharing the names or the pictures of the alleged Boston Marathon Bombers. They wanted to be famous, they got their wish, but we won’t be adding to that. Instead we will be focusing on the heroes and survivors of the horrific attacks. They deserve our attention, not the evil people who hurt them.”
  5. We decided to join this effort.
  6. We’re following @dosomething‘s lead to #focusontheheroes. Like how thousands of Bostonians formed a human wall to keep out Westboro. Awesome
  7. Celebs came in to help, like Bradley Cooper and Patriots WR Julian Edelman who visited Jeff Bauman in the hospital.
  8. Some fluffy friends came out to help too.
  9. Even historic rivals the Yankees showed solidarity with Boston by playing “Sweet Caroline” at a game the day after the bombings.
  10. One week later, thousands of people took a moment of silence, and then broke into applause.
  11. Much has been done, but there will be more healing in the days and months ahead.  Buzzfeed created a list of ways people around the country can help Boston.
  12. What are you doing to help?

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